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If anyone in your family is struggling due to alcohol addiction, we offer them hope. At our center, we use proven and effective treatment plans that assist in overcoming their dependency on alcohol and regain their confidence to live a healthy life. While many alcoholics or their family may feel that there is no way out, we give them faith. There can be multiple ways to recovery, and we ensure that it does not get complex for the patient. We understand that whatever that the individual and the family are going through is incredibly hard. That is the reason why our team conducts the process with care and compassion.

We have observed that no two alcoholics are alike.  Therefore, every alcohol treatment plan has to be unique. Our teams of professionals devise personalized plans for every patient who comes to us for a renewed life.  These customized plans aim to meet the individual’s needs and gives the best opportunity to achieve long term sobriety. The entire medical history and behavioral patterns are studied to arrive at this treatment pattern. Alongside, special attention is paid to avoid relapse or withdrawal symptoms.

Take your first steps towards a lifelong recovery with us.

What One Needs To Know About Alcohol Addiction?

Alcoholism has far-reaching effects on the addict, his family, friends, and the overall society. We understand the pain that the family goes through.

Unfortunately, many of the addicts never gather the courage to seek professional help to cure their addiction. Today, we find alcohol ever-present in our Indian society. An atmosphere has emerged that seems to encourage drinking alcohol in its various forms, at a young age. From bars, pubs, and restaurants, to work, during family events, alcohol is everywhere. The overall scenario makes it hard to admit that one has an addiction.

However, failing to deal with alcohol addiction, making efforts for de-addiction can have serious consequences—a significant number of people die every year in India due to alcoholism. In 2019, nearly 3 million people died due to alcohol-related health issues in India alone. The toll that it takes on the families is tragic.

However, here’s the good news. Call us or plan a visit to our alcohol de-addiction center. If you are tired of alcohol taking charge of your life and your behavior, we are here to help you.

From Alcohol Addiction To A Healthy Mind And Body

When you decide to get rid of this chronic disease, it means you chosen have happiness over misery. Choosing life means choosing to change. We adopt the same approach to help our patients battle with alcohol addiction. We bring the motivation back into your life. Our environment decreases distractions, eliminate factors that induce alcohol consumption. With our professional team of doctors, therapists, psychologists, and yoga & meditation experts let us become partners in your journey.

Our alcohol rehabilitation center is safe and designed to assist in the healing process of our patients. Recovery is a process and we ensure that it remains easy and result oriented for you.

Our Intensive Alcohol De-Addiction Treatment Plan

Our deaddiction plan is customised as per the individual. It is a combination of pharmacotherapies, behavioral therapies, exercises, and a healthy diet plan. In every aspect of care and treatment, our team ensures that it’s focused on the individual needs. We educate, encourage, invite, and discuss every element of healing. Keeping in mind the entire medical history of the patient, the team creates a de-addiction plan.

The expert and experienced team of professionals approach the patient with the right amount of education, counseling, activities, and personal growth tasks. Feedback and motivation are the other two guiding factors.

We ensure that the patient finishes what they start once admitted. It is merely about taking actions and applying. In fact, the process of recovery from alchol addiction is satisfying and encouraging for the individual as well as the family.

Steps Of Our Treatment Plan


As you take the first step by enrolling in our rehabilitation facility, your transformation of life begins. It is a comforting and straightforward process. You can get it started by merely making a phone call.


The patient actually joins our deaddiction center and completes the administrative formalities. Our team ensures that the patient does not bring in any forbidden items. With this step the patient starts with the right foot.


The specific needs of the individual are determined, and this is the most crucial step of the treatment process. The assessment also enables the staff to formalize a personalised treatment plan for the patient, if required.

Alcohol Detoxification

Here the body of the patient is purged of harmful substances. It ensures that the patient starts the treatment with a clean slate. There is our support staff to guide the patient regularly. We try to make this step as comfortable as possible.

Inpatient Care

During this step, the patient undergoes several treatments, therapies, counseling sessions, and exercises to help him recover for the long term. The patient is taught about the addiction, its triggers, and offered valuable life skills.

Extended Care

Even when the patients walks out of our rehabilitation facility, we organize regular counseling sessions for them. A self-support group is also formed for betterment. The patient starts to ‘test himself’ and the sobriety skills in a real-life setting.