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Our Recovery Program

Alcohol addiction is the compulsive need for alcohol, despite its harmful consequences. The disease is complex and often impacts the functioning of the mind and body.

Alcoholism is a growing concern in our society that adversely affects day to day life. An individual cannot control his mind and body, and thus the abuse of alcohol becomes the new normal for the body.

However, alcohol addiction is curable, and normalcy can be restored through a proper de-addiction program and rehabilitation. We provide alternative life therapy options that focus on healing from within that bring peace of mind, body, and soul. The primary objective is to help the user believe that there can be life beyond using alcohol.

  • check-mark-1Our alcohol de-addiction center uniquely provides a treatment that combines professional support and a comfortable environment during the recovery process.
  • check-mark-1Communicate, unlearn, unwind, and reboot, along with working intensively with the staff on the personalized recovery goals.
  • check-mark-1Prepared to treat a high volume of trauma patients 24/7

Our Departments

Medera Medical Center specializes in different medical services for the convenience of community:

Drug Addiction
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Rehabilitation Cente For Alcohol

Why Choose Us?

  • Compassionate and Sophisticated Care

    Complementing the supportive environment, our center features therapeutic and personalized treatment that brings lasting recovery from alcohol. We have trained professionals to support our detox program.

  • The Expertise You Need

    Each patient is assigned a team of multi-disciplinary experts. You are in the experienced hands of medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians, therapists, nurses, addiction professionals, and case managers.

  • Behavioral Therapies

    All addictions are behavioral disorders that go out of hands. Along with the treatment, we encourage and energize our patients towards changing their attitude and behavior. We help your patients to rediscover confidence and strength within.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each day is scheduled with core treatment activities like Yoga, Meditation, Focus Group Discussion, Individual Therapy, Relaxation Games, etc. The facilities at our center are relaxing and welcoming to ensure safety, comfort, and serenity in mind.

Alcohol is a complicated ailment that affects the patient, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. We have various personalized alcoholism treatment plan designed by our team of experts.

Prepare yourself and have an informed discussion with the family member. Elaborate on the problems caused by him due to the addiction issue and suggest recovery options or medical treatment required. Treat with caution as alcoholics are sensitive individuals and may react harshly. With alcohol addicts, a tough and caring stance is essential. The sooner you start availing the de-addiction center services, the better.

Initially, his defense mechanism will force him to resist treatment and change. He may start to focus on what is wrong with other patients, the facility, his family members, or any other circumstances that will deter his ability to take responsibility for the corrective actions and behavior. However, with different sessions and the regular treatment schedule, this attitude will get subdued. He will then start responding to the treatment and respond positively.

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease, and like any other disease, it is curable. Alcoholism can be managed with medications, therapies, and support from professionals and families. The cure is complicated and takes time. A professional and specialized treatment plan that is conducted in supportive surroundings is essential for healing. Special attention needs to be paid on withdrawal symptoms and relapse.