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Beautiful Flowers and Bouquets for Wedding

Panda Flowers offer the highest level of artistry, creativity for your wedding flowers. It is the biggest day of your lives and Panda Flowers will ensure that your wedding flowers bring a lifetime of memories for you .Every time you look at your wedding flowers we want to being a smile to your faces.

Flowers are made to suit a variety of occasions. Such occasions include Weddings, Receptions, Anniversary, Birthdays and Baby Showers. Panda Flowers will help bring your dreams and vision to life through a beautiful arrangement or bouquet of fresh flowers. Our florists work with any colour schemes, designs and budget you have to suit any occasion.

Weddings are the special events which unite not just two individuals, but two families and lifelong memories. This is one of the biggest events during which your flowers actually are a decoration for your day and set the theme for your wedding. From a cascade of beautiful lilies, freesia, roses or gardenias to a handheld bouquet of gerbera daisies or hydrangeas this bouquet will be an accessory that sets off your bridal attire. From your bridal bouquet. Matching bridesmaid’s bouquets in smaller versions adorned with some jewels or ribbon will compliment your beautiful bouquet.

Corsages and boutonniere are a beautiful way of acknowledging those special persons in our life. A beautiful spray of roses, carnations, or mini roses offset the attire for anyone.

Baskets and or vases of lilies, seasonal flowers, roses adoring the front of the church are a visual display of beauty that bring the magic of the day together.

Fresh flowers adorning all the tables at the reception bring a touch of elegance to the room. Tall cylinder vases full of lilies, hydrangeas, snapdragons, lilies or small cube containers of peonies, roses, or carnations all look beautiful on any table top on this special occasion of your wedding.

Panda Flowers works with the bride to bring her vision to life, from elaborate formal weddings to small intimate weddings we work with any colour scheme, vision and budget to bring your vision to life. Every wedding is different and custom so we have a sample of work on our website, bring your ideas and or pictures and leave the rest to the florists at Panda Flowers. To check out an entire range of flowers for weddings, visit Panda Flowers. For your special wedding day or any other occasion trust Panda Flowers.

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